At Home in Charleston

Mikaela + Sam

There is something about an in-home session. The natural light coming in from the windows, the coziness of your own space, getting tackled by your fluffy animals, etc. These are some of my all time favorite moments to spend with my clients. 

Mikaela & Sam contacted me to photograph their wedding back in 2017. Sam being a photographer himself, the pressure WAS ON. Just kidding, I love these two and they are so much cooler than us. Dustin and I have spent so much time with them since we first met and it's awesome that they live so close to us in Charleston. (Hangs soon?!) 

This in-home engagement session is one of my favorites from last year. I'm so excited to finally get around to showing it off.


Wanna cuddle on your bed & make coffee together? Let's chat about your next in-home session.