A Knotty Wedding

Taylor + Nate

"I’ve always had an idea in my head of what my dream wedding would look like, but I prepared myself and lowered my expectations because I wanted to stay grounded in reality. But actually, our wedding day was a dream come true. It could not have been more us or more beautiful than it was. We chose to have a smaller wedding with just close family and friends to make the day more intimate. When I look back at our wedding day, what I loved about it was that I wasn’t worried about who was there or who wasn’t there, and I wasn’t nervous so I could really focus on the details and every word that was spoken by Nate’s dad and my dad who co-officiated the wedding ceremony. It made it so special to have my dad walk me down the aisle and then turn around and marry us. Our wedding day was also stress free! Kendra and her husband made sure every aspect of our day was captured and took it upon themselves to organize everyone and all of the shots. What I loved about having Kendra as our photographer is that she took charge and wasn’t afraid to be assertive with the bridal party, family, and guests. She always checked in on me to make sure I was happy with the way things were going and made me feel so comfortable. Thanks to her, I can re-live our flawless day over and over." - Taylor (my angel of a bride)