Tangled Lovers

Kelley + Alex

The last few months have been filled with dreamy long wedding days, traveling all up and down the east coast. I’ve been able to see some awesome places and stay in the cuddliest Airbnb’s - and my husband get’s to come too (second shooter perk). But in all of that, one of the favorite parts of wedding season is the newly engaged couples! Especially the ones who let me chase them through spider filled fields, make them get way too handsy, or let me help push their tooshies up so they can hop onto their partners back. (I get reeeaaalll close with my clients (; ) Kelley and Alex were such a fun, much needed break in all the craziest, plus I already knew Kelley from being a bridesmaid in a few of my weddings, so it was great to catch up! I’m so excited to be photographing their wedding next summer and get all cozy with them again - love you guys!!